XCMG official 6-ton mini hydraulic excavator XE60DA crawler excavator machine price for sale
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Rated Speed: 5.5km/h
Max Digging Radius: 6130mm
Machine Weight: 6 ton
Maximum Digging Depth: 3830mm
Maximum Digging Height: 5630mm
Bucket capacity: 0.23m3
Operating Weight: 6010kg
Model Number: XE60D
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
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XCMG official 6-ton mini hydraulic excavator XE60DA crawler excavator machine price for sale.


XE60DA adopts a good engine excellent in environmental protection and energy saving. Moreover, it uses a load sensitive hydraulic system, able to guarantee operator's better controlling of the machine and better movement coordination, reduce the demand for operation proficiency of the driver; in addition, the reliability of this system has been recognized by the majority of users.

The stress analysis and structure optimization of such key components’ platforms, swing arms, bucket rods and lower chassis has fully guaranteed the reliability of the structural members.

The daily maintenance is sufficiently convenient, and you only need to open the rear hood for maintenance of the engine oil, fuel and air filters.


Performance Characteristics:

1. Ecological and economical

* Adopting new environmentally friendly Yammer engine, low speed torque, low fuel consumption, high operating efficiency, reliable and durable.

* It adopts a cross-stage large displacement constant power variable pump with high volumetric efficiency.


2. Multiple applications

* Short tail design and short slewing radius can achieve flexible operation in confined space.

* Multiple additional configurations to adapt to a variety of operating requirements.


3.Comfortable operational experience

* Fresh air conditioning system to ensure the appropriate temperature.

* Toughened glass cockpit with good safety view.

* Detailed design concept improves comfort.


4. Excellent after-sales service

* Global after-sales service system and quick response mechanism.

* Real-time technical consultation and maintenance.

Operation Weight

6010 kg

Bucket Capacity

0.23 m ³

Main performance

Travel speed(H/L)

4.2/2.2 km/h

Rotating speed

10 r/min



Ground pressure

32.5 kPa

Bucket digging force

48.3 kN

Arm digging force

32.5 kN

Maximum traction

50.5 kN

Hydraulic system

Rated flow of main pump

151.2 L/min

Pressure of prime valve

24.5 Mpa

Pressure of travel system

22 Mpa

Pressure of swing system

21 Mpa

Pressure of pilot system

3.5 Mpa

Oil capacity

Fuel tank capacity

110 L

Hydraulic tank capacity

85 L

Engine oil capacity

12 L

Appearance size

Overall dimensions(L*W*H)

5860×1920×2585 mm

Width of platform


Width of crawler

400 mm

Clearance under counterweight

700 mm

Min. ground clearance

385 mm

Min. tail swing radius

2890 mm

Working scope

Max. digging height

5630 mm

Max. dumping height

3945 mm

Max. digging depth

3830 mm

Max. vertical wall digging depth

2680 mm

Max. digging reach

6130 mm

Min. swing radius

2460 mm


Boom length

3000 mm

Arm length

1600 mm

Bucket Capacity

0.23 m ³

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