XCMG Official 35 ton China new hydraulic excavator XE370CA crawler excavator machine price
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Rated Speed: 3.2-5.4km/h
Machine Weight: 37ton
Maximum Digging Depth: 6927mm
Maximum Digging Height: 10123mm
Bucket capacity: 1.4~1.8m3
Operating Weight: 37ton
Model Number: XE370CA
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
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XCMG Official 35 ton China new hydraulic XE370CA crawler excavator machine price.


XCMG XE370CA hydraulic excavator as a model featuring strong power, excellent energy saving, outstanding environmental protection and strong durability, etc., and especially suitable for earthwork engineering, mines, tunnels and other harsh construction environment.

It has adopted advanced design and manufacturing methods and the latest standards in accordance with the product design concept of “high efficiency, excellent energy saving and outstanding environmental protection”, and the ultimate target of “powerful functions, wide scope of applications and creation of more value for customers”.


Model Characteristics:

1. Engine

The imported lsuzu engine with original packing has strong power and can meet the requirements of high-efficient work. Also, its low oil consumption, low noise and low emission can fully meet the international environmental emissions and noise standard.

2. Hydraulic system

International advanced and reliable negative flow control system, through the double pump confluence to increase the flow distribution from multi-way valve for each action cylinder, provide a powerful digging capacity for excavator and improve work efficiency at the maximum limit.

3. Intelligent electronic control system

A new generation of intelligent electronic control system, with features of intelligence, environmental protection, safety, realizes the balance between power and hydraulic load; Intelligent electric control realizes remote control, new memory function records working process at any time, power conversion unit optimizes the power use.

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