XCMG 15 ton hydraulic crawler excavators XE150D excavator machine for sale
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Rated Speed: 5.3km/h
Maximum Digging Depth: 5535mm
Maximum Digging Height: 8649mm
Bucket capacity: 0.61 M3
Operating Weight: 14600KG
Model Number: XE150D
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
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XCMG 15 ton XE150D new hydraulic crawler excavator.


The XE150D hydraulic excavator subject to full hydraulic drive has been widely used throughout China and exported to more than twenty countries and regions in the world by virtue of its high working efficiency like medium-sized excavators and such characteristics of less fuel consumption and higher flexibility.


Performance Characteristics:

*Imported Cummins engine is powerful, low noise, energy efficient.

*Advanced energy-saving Kawasaki hydraulic system provides good controllability and high efficiency;

*Customized XCMG exclusive engine can meet Euro stage IV Emission Standard.


2. Multiple applications

* Different boom, arm and bucket combinations can provide excellent all-around versatility.

* Multi-functional work tool system can meet various operational requirements including digging, breaking and so on.


3. Comfortable operating experience

* Air conditioner and heater ensure the appropriate temperature.

* Air-suspension seat equipped with electric heating function.

* Integrated control panel and large display screen provide multiple information.


Optional configuration:


break hammer and pipeline, Quick coupler, rotary driller, hydraulic vibrating tamper are available.

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