XCMG 350HP Bulldozers New Wheel Bulldozer Machine DL350 With Cummins Engine Prices
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Dimension(Long * Breadth * High): 7950*4434*3805mm
Machine Weight: 29000kg
Model Number: DL350
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
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XCMG 350HP Bulldozers New Wheel Bulldozer Machine DL350 With Cummins Engine Prices.


DL350 wheel bulldozer is the latest generation product of world’s advanced level built with all efforts by XCMG with the globalized R&D platform to fill a gap of domestic wheel bulldozers. Featuring firm structure, strong power, and high stability, reliability, safety, comfort, energy-conservation, and efficiency, this product is the first-choice product for ports and large mines. It can thoroughly compete and benchmark against foreign imported products to remarkably save the operation and maintenance costs and create more wealth for you.


* The imported Cummins electronic control, direct injection, turbocharged engine equipped features high torque reserve coefficient, excellent energy-conservation and environment-friendliness, and strong power.


* The split transmission and torque converter system, single-turbine three-element torque converter, and AMT full automatic electronic control transmission feature simple structure and higher reliability.


* The full-hydraulic maintenance-free wet drive axle features fast response, stable braking, and high safety and reliability.


* The XCMG new FOPS & ROPS pressurized cab features large space, broad visual field, excellent sealing performance, low noise, and high safety and comfort.


* The load-sensing variable hydraulic system reduces the fuel consumption by 7% and prolongs the lives of parts.


* The double-pump confluence technology improves the working efficiency and reduces the energy loss.


* The electronic control joysticks feature convenient and flexible operations and incorporate the blade floating function.


* The advanced electronic monitoring system incorporates the sound and light warning devices.


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