XCMG 150KW water cooling brushless China silent diesel generator JHK-150GF with Cummins engine price
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150KW water cooling brushless China silent diesel generator with Cummins engine JHK-150GF.


The control screen is a self-starting control screen.

Unit with Automatic Start and manual start function (15-50 seconds adjustable). With three-phase voltage, frequency, three-phase current, oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, unit speed, operating hours, battery voltage displays. Diesel engine has over-speed alarm stop, low oil pressure alarm and stop, high water temperature alarm and stop, generator voltage too high, too low alarm and stop, too high frequency, too low alarm and stop, short-circuit current and IDMT characteristic over-current protection.


Unit Controller Adopts Zhengzhou Zhongzhi HGM6120N controller. The main features are as follows:

1. 132*64 LCD display with backlight, optional language interface, push-button operation;

2. Good wear resistance and scratch resistance, strong ability to adapt to high and low temperature environments;

3. With CANBUS port which can be connected to electronic injection with J1939, it not only can monitor frequently-used data, but also can control start, stop, high speed and low speed;

4. Can measure and display 3 phase voltage, 3 phase current, frequency, power parameter of mains/gens.


The power range of Cummins K series engine is 336--1343KW (450-1800 horsepower), which is mainly used for mining, power generation, marine, rail cars and petroleum machinery.

1. Super power, wide power coverage. Power coverage 1086~1650 horsepower;

2. Has high working reliability and durability;

3. Low fuel consumption and good fuel economy;

4. Compact structure and convenient maintenance. Replaceable wet cylinder liner, good heat dissipation effect, easy to replace;

5. The parts are highly versatile. The common parts of K6 and KV reach 85%, and the high commonality of parts is beneficial to reduce manufacturing costs and reduce the inventory of parts.

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