XCMG Official 25 Ton Mobile Truck Crane QY25K-II China 43 Meter Hydraulic Crane Machine Price
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Model Number: QY25K-II
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: China
Span: 6m
Max. Lifting Height: 43m
Rated Lifting Moment: 1010kN.M
Rated Loading Capacity: 25t
Application: Construction
Certification: CE/ISO9001
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XCMG Official 25 Ton Mobile Truck Crane QY25K-II China 43 Meter Hydraulic Crane Machine.


XCMG QY25K-II is the most popular model of China 25t truck crane, is technology crystallization which our company applies for many years manufacturing experience, bases on the mature technology. It is widely used for lifting operation and installation work in urban renewal, transportation, ports, bridges, oilfield, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.


Advantages and highlights:


1. Bi-hexagonal cross-section boom has small depth-width ratio, strong bearing capacity, small deformation, strong anti-bending and powerful lifting capacity.

2. The main boom length is 10.7m to 34m, completely surpassing its rivals with excellent lifting capacity.

3. Steel plate for main boom is BS700MC, lifting performance of fully-extended boom improves 10~20%, exceeding its rival 1~7%.

4. Plug-in boom head effectively increases the boom connect length and reduces boom deformation.

5. It has superior travel and grade ability. The max. grade ability is 40%, max. travel speed is 80km/h.

6. Open fixed displacement pump and variable displacement motor system is adopted. The load sensitive system that researched and developed by ourselves contributes to smooth operation, high efficiency and energy saving. High pressure variable displacement motor contributes to light load with high speed and heavy load with low speed.

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