XCMG Official QY55KA_Y 55 Ton Chinese Hydraulic Arm Truck Crane with Cabin for Sale
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Model Number: QY55KA_Y
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Span: 6.9m
Max. Lifting Height: 58.1m
Max. Lifting Load: 55ton
Rated Lifting Moment: 1822kN.m
Application: Construction
Certification: CE/ISO9001
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XCMG Official QY55KA_Y 55 Ton Chinese Hydraulic Arm Truck Crane with Cabin.


XCMG QY55KA_Y newly upgraded 55-ton truck crane with compact structure and highest operating performance in the industry.


1.Leading lifting and driving performances

Five section U-type booms. The boom length is 11.4m-43.5m with strong lifting performance, leading 5%-10% ahead of products with the same tonnages in the same industry.

High-power engine with good dynamic performance, strong gradeability and superior trafficability. The maximum gradeability and maximum travel speed respectively are 42% and 85km/h.


2. Reliability of heat dissipation, electrical system etc. has been improved with safer operation and driving

Waterproof connector clip. It is equipped with rubber sheath inside with excellent water impervious and level of protection reaches to IP65.


3. Mature and reliable double-pump confluence technique, maintaining the advantages of efficient operation

The double-pump confluence technique is adopted in raising and falling of winch, extending and retracting of lazy boom and luffing, leading ahead of luffing and extending and retracting operations.

4. Air-aid shift gears and 45% of shifting force is reduced

The boost system will work only by stepping on the clutch that effectively avoids gearbox damaging gears when shifting. Compared with the same industry, 100mm distance of shift gears and 45% of shifting force are respectively reduced.

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