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Model Number: QY25K5-II
Brand Name: XCMG
Place of Origin: Xuzhou,Jiangsu,China
Span: 5.14m
Max. Lifting Height: 47m
Max. Lifting Load: 25000kg
Rated Lifting Moment: 428kN.M
Rated Loading Capacity: 25000kg
Application: Construction
Certification: CE/ISO9001
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XCMG 25 ton truck crane QY25K5-II.


XCMG truck crane 25 ton QY25k5-II is the product with high reliability inheriting XCMG classical and advanced technology aboutdesign and manufacture truck crane of many years and based on mature technology.


XCMG crane 25 ton QY25k5-II theoperations of craneare very simple,convenient and flexible. XCMG 25 ton truck crane QY25k5-II is widely used for lifting operation and installation work in urban renewal, transportation, ports, bridges, oilfield, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.


Performance Characteristics:


1. XCMG crane 25 ton QY25k5-II adopts U-shaped cross-section boom has small depth-width ratio, strong bearing capacity, small deformation,strong anti-bending and powerful lifting capacity.The main boom length is 10.6m to 41.0m, the performance of mid-extended boom and fully-extended are also superior.


2. Plug-in boom head effectively increases theboom connect length andreducesboom deformation.


3. 25 ton truck crane QY25k5-II embedded sliders are equipped, which enlarge the contact square and reduce the contact stress of boom.


4. Truck crane 25 ton with 9-speed transmission equipped, it has superior travel and grade ability. The max. grade abilityis 40%, max. travel speed is 90km/h.


5.Meets the requirements of speed and reduces the energy consumption and system heat effectively.


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