XCMG Offical 40 ton 6x4 Truck Trailer Head NXG4250D5WC Tractor Head Truck Trailer For Sale
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XCMG Offical 6x4 Truck Trailer Head NXG4250D5WC.


XCMG Hanfeng series tractor truck equip with the most advanced and intelligent manufaturing system.


XCMG Offical 6x4 Truck Trailer Head NXG4250D5WC is mainly suitable for long-haul high-speed logistics, the average distance of 300 km/h to 5000 km/h, is more reliable and safer, more comfortable, more economical, more environmental protection of a new generation of high-end head trailer truck.


XCMG XGA4250D2KC Head Trailer Truckcan be widely used to transport the following goods:

1. daily industrial products: cold chain, valuables, tobacco, express delivery.

2. daily industrial products: food, fruit, wood, stores, department stores, container, bulk.

3. iron powder, steel, iron powder, iron ore, finished product profile.

4. bulk tank: cement, lime, fly ash and other industrial powder.

5. dangerous goods: oil, natural gas, chemical liquid.

6. ballast, sand, sand and gravel.



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