XCMG 125 kva 100kw small diesel Cummins silent genset JHK-100GF.


The power range of Cummins generator sets is 336-1343KW (450-1800 horsepower), which is vastly used in manufacturing, construction works, mine metallurgy, medical hospital, communication, petrochemical, data center, transportation, earthquake relief, civil administration, power supply etc. 


1. Super power, wide power coverage. Power coverage 1086~1650 horsepower;


2. Has high working reliability and durability;


3. Low fuel consumption and good fuel economy;


4. Compact structure and convenient maintenance. Replaceable wet cylinder liner, good heat dissipation effect, easy to replace;


5. The parts are highly versatile. The common parts of K6 and KV reach 85%, and the high commonality of parts is beneficial to reduce manufacturing costs and reduce the inventory of parts.



With Cummins generators reliability, durability, flexibility, energy saving, environmental protection and excellent global after-sales service networks, Cummins diesel generators play an fundamental role in the global generator industry, and CE certification can be exported to Asia and Africa , America, Oceania and many other regions.


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