30 ton 5 jib XCMG mobile truck crane QY30K5-I.


XCMG truck crane QY30K5-I designed and manufactured by XCMG, with all covered walking surface, anti-torsion box structure and optimal load-bearing structure design, made of imported high strength steel.


Performance Characteristics:


1. Specialized boom of octagonal cross section has features of light deadweight, better strength and strong lifting capacity.


2. XCMG truck crane QY30K5-I advanced built-in boom head, strong structural members and lower sliders with larger area contribute to better stress-bearing capacity and more smooth telescoping movement, and efficiently prevent boom torsion after side loading.


3. Telescoping mechanism is designed reliably. In the telescoping mechanism, both rotation-resistant rope used for thick cable and guide pulley bearing are imported parts and have reliable performance.


4. Excellent welding technology for structural members. Welding robot with advance process used for key welding make reliable quality products.


5. Ferrule-type compression joints are used for pipeline, have features of reliable connection, better tightness and less leakage.


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