XCMG 90 ton Truck Dump XDM100 Machine Manufacture Dump Truck For Sale
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Certification: iso9001
Dimension(L*W*H): 10290*5880*5085mm
Weight: 158000
Power(W): 783\2100
Model Number: XDM100
Place of Origin: Xuzhou
Max. Speed: 48
Loading Height: 5085mm
Brand Name: XCMG
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XCMG 90 ton Truck Dump XDM100

1. The only domestically equipped mechanical drive dump truck traction control system (TCS): to avoid unilateral wheel slip, improve vehicle maneuverability, and effectively extend the service life of tires.

2. The anti-fatigue design concept is introduced into the frame design, combined with finite element analysis and welding simulation analysis, to ensure that the life of the frame is not less than 60,000 hours. And strictly in accordance with the Australian standard AS1554 for production and quality control, high-strength alloy steel castings are used in key parts of the ring beam, torsion tube, rear tailstock, lifting seat and other stress-concentrated parts, so that the frame has good resistance. Bending, torsion and impact toughness.

3. The front and rear direction of the cargo compartment has a tail tilt of 6°~8° with the frame, which reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle and improves the stability of the vehicle operation. The cargo compartment is welded with high-strength wear-resistant plates and low-alloy high-strength quenched and tempered steel, which has a long service life.

4. Easy-to-reach maintenance design: According to the requirements of Australian standards, it is equipped with fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank maintenance ladder, engine maintenance ladder, maintenance ladder and maintenance platform in the middle of the frame, and lighting, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance. Equipped with tire blocks on the vehicle, it is convenient for the vehicle to park on sloping road sections and effectively prevent slippage.

5. The ROPS/FOPS cab, which is more ergonomically designed, has ample space and a wide fieldof vision.



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